Dubrovnik things to do – top 10 ideas!

Jun 6, 2022 | Local tips

Looking for things to do in Dubrovnik? Don’t be fooled by the size of the city. It’s definitely not a one day vacation destination. For us who live in Dubrovnik, there’s something exciting to do all year round. Since you probably can’t move to Dubrovnik straight away, here’s a list for you to do while you’re here. You’re welcome!

It doesn’t matter if you are adventure seeker, foodie, nature lover, cultural traveler, fan of Game of Thrones, traveling with family, or in any other group that we haven’t named here, you’ll make life long memories in the city often referred to as The Pearl of Adriatic.

Dubrovnik Old Town What to do

Take your time to explore Dubrovnik historic centre

Ok, we’re stating the obvious here, but if you’re in Dubrovnik really take your time to explore Dubrovnik historic centre. We’ve made a detailed plan for you in our blog post How to spend a day in Dubrovnik Old Town. We strongly suggest taking a guided tour through the city inside the great walls to get a real insight into Dubrovnik’s past and present. That will be the best 20 euro you’ll spent in Dubrovnik!
Dubrovnik zipline

Get awesome bird’s-eye views of the city and the islands from Mount Srd

Do not miss the mind-blowing panoramic sea views from Mount Srđ. Part of the Dinaric Alps mountain range, Srđ rises to a height of 1,352 feet. On clear days, you’ll get to see not only the beautiful Dubrovnik Old Town rooftops and the great city Walls, but also as far as 35 miles away to the Elafiti Islands.

You can hike to the top, take a cab, join a group tour or enjoy a panoramic ride with Dubrovnik Cable Car.

Along with the great views, there’s something for everyone – a great restaurant, a really interesting Museum of Croatian War of Independence and a buggy safari tour option.

If you’re up for an adventure, do not miss the Panaroma zip line Dubrovnik experience. We’re the biggest fans of the one that goes during sunsets. 

Visit Lokrum Island

Spend a day or at least couple of hours on Lokrum Island

This beautiful uninhabited island right across Villa Leoni is something truly special. Regular boats run every half an hour and when you step your foot on the island you’ll feel like you’re walking through the garden of Eden.

Explore the gardens of Benedictine monastery, dating from the medieval age. Take a sunbath on the island’s flat rocks (there’s a nudist beach as well), chill in the deep shade of the pine trees and swim in the crystal clear sea. It’s a great adventure for all ages. Kids enjoy swimming in calm waters of salty lake Mrtvo more (direct translation would be Dead Sea). Don’t be surprised if a male peacock comes to say hi while boasting with his colourful feathers.

Top 5 Dubrovnik beaches - Banje beach

Simply relax and unwind on the beach

It’s your vacation on the Adriatic Sea, so make sure to make the best of the turquoise blue sea and the natural pebble and sandy beaches in Dubrovnik. We’ve made the top 5 Dubrovnik beaches list just for you!

Lopud island What to do in Dubrovnik

Explore Elaphiti islands

The small green islands of Koločep, Šipan and Lopud have made it to front pages of many travel magazines for their combination of untouched natural beauty, amazing historic sites and beautiful beaches. You can reach them by regular ferry and explore one at a time, or take a private speedboat tour and visit them all in a day.

Koločep and Lopud are car-free islands with a number of sandy beaches. So, if you are traveling with kids to Dubrovnik, make sure to take them on one of these islands. They’ll love you for it and you can enjoy your drink while they are running around in a safe environment.

Revelin Club Dubrovnik

Discover Dubrovnik’s night life

Dubrovnik has many bars and pubs where locals and travellers like to spend their nights out. However, if you plan on going clubbing the choice isn’t big, but the quality of the party is top. Make sure not to miss Revelin club in 16th-century fortress which is part of the great Dubrovnik city walls and Lazareti club, placed in ex-quarantine barracks. For beach party check out Banje beach, Copacabana beach and Coral beach. Sunset beach also offers good music and one of the the best sunset views in the town. Dubrovnik Beer Factory organises interesting night events. And for gay community there’s a newly opened gay bar called Milk.
Visit Trsteno Things to do while in Dubrovnik

Visit Trsteno Arboteretum even if you are not GoT fan

Arboretum Trsteno is known to Game of Thrones fans as filming location for Gardens of King’s Landing. However, this beautiful park is so much more than just an HBO series shooting location. We strongly suggest visiting it if you are a nature lover, and even more if you are traveling with kids. It’s a very peaceful place to visit if you want a break from the city.
Things to do in Dubrovnik kayaking

Discover Dubrovnik by sea

If you’re up for a sea adventure, we strongly suggest exploring Dubrovnik by kayak. Through kayak tours, you’ll be able to explore some of Dubrovnik’s most famous attractions, such as Old Town, the city walls, Lokrum island, Bettina cave, and more.

A more luxurious way to explore hidden bays, coved and caves, is by private speed boat.

Things to do in Dubrovnik

Immerse in Dubrovnik cultural scene

The bustling walled city of Dubrovnik hosts one of the oldest European festivals – Dubrovnik Summer Festival (July to August). Expect rich and vibrant theatre, ballet, opera, classical music, jazz and folklore programme.

The Midsummer Scene Festival (June) is a theatre event that celebrates the works of William Shakespeare performed in English.

There are plenty of other festivals and cultural events that you can always check on Dubrovnik Tourist Board.


Day tour to Montenegro

Take a day trip to Mostar or Montenegro

Mostar and Montenegro are two most popular day trips from Dubrovnik. Mostar brings an interesting combination of Eastern and Western culture. On the other hand, Montenegro boasts beautiful coastline with picturesque towns. Whatever your choice may be, make sure to book upfront since the group tours get full very fast.

Villa Leoni

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