Top 5 beaches in Dubrovnik 

Apr 1, 2022 | Local tips

Yes, we get it, it’s really hard to make a choice between all the beautiful beaches of Dubrovnik. They are definitely among the best ones in Croatia. Moreover, the Adriatic Sea is simply perfect. It’s crystal clear, the temperature is just right to go swimming and unlike the ocean, it’s calm as oil (it’s a local saying). We have to admit that even for us, who live in Dubrovnik all year long, it’s not easy to decide between amazing pebble bays with great beach clubs, sandy beaches perfect for kids and secluded beaches surrounded by spectacular coastal landscapes. This is why we’ve decided to cover them all! Along with great pics, we bring you local tips and information that are guaranteed to help you plan your beach days!
Top Dubrovnik Beaches by Villa Leoni - Banje Beach

Photo credit: Banje Beach

Banje Beach

If you’re staying at Villa Leoni apartments, the most famous Dubrovnik beach called Banje is right below your holiday home!

It is a big pebble beach perfectly located right next to the historical old town. You can enjoy unbelievably beautiful scenery of Lokrum island and Walls of Dubrovnik while swimming in turquoise blue sea.

If you like to party, enjoy cold cocktails on a cosy sun deck under parasol, this is your kind of beach! If you are not in a party mood and don’t like crowded beaches, we suggest taking an early swim before the party people wake up.

Beach Sveti Jakov Dubrovnik Best Beaches
Photo credit: Trip Advisor

Beach Sveti Jakov

Not far from Banje Beach and your Villa Leoni apartment (2,6 kilometers) you’ll find the beach with the best view in town – Sveti Jakov.

It has been chosen by several travel magazines as one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. You can refresh in the beach bar and restaurant. Sunbeds and parasols are available for rent. There’s no natural shade.

You can get down to the beach only via steep steps, or by kayak and boat.


Buza beach Dubrovnik
Photo credit: Buza Bar Dubrovnik

Mala Buza & Buza Beach

If you’ve just been on a walking tour in Dubrovnik Old Town and can’t wait to jump into the sea and refresh, this is the place for you!

Along the mesmerising Dubrovnik Walls, you’ll find two small rocky beaches with beach bars – Mala Buža & Buža.

Most locals just jump of the rocky, but you’re welcome to use ladders or stone stairs that lead into the sea.

The view from the rocks is stunning and you can enjoy cold drink in one of the beach bars – Buža Bar and Mala Buža Bar.

Sunj Beach Lopud Island

Sunj Beach

If you’re traveling with kids, or simply love sandy beaches, then Šunj Beach on Lopud Island is the very best spot for you! Expect fine natural sand that
drops into the sea quite flatly.

The water is warmer than in any bay in Dubrovnik area, and you can rent parasols and sunbeds on the spot. You can have a cool drink and grab a bite in one of the beach bars.

If you prefer natural shade, there’s a lovely hippy restaurant Bindo right above the beach with hammocks underneath trees.

You can either take the public ferry to Lopud that runs 4 times a day, or book a private day trip and explore all Elaphite Islands.

Elaphiti secluded beaches

Hidden beaches on Elaphiti islands

When you just want to run away from the crowds and enjoy some swimming and snorkeling, the best thing to do is go on a private Elaphiti islands tour aboard the speedboat.

You get to explore hidden bays, coved and caves, at your own pace. Expect breathtaking scenery and clear blue sea.


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